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Carpet damage by an air vent

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Call the Pro's

Our team at SERVPRO of Stillwater/Oakdale is here to help you when you need your carpet cleaned. No matter the carpet disaster, we have the equipment to clean!

SERVPRO team Christmas party with family and friends

SERVPRO Team Christmas Party!

Our team at SERVPRO got together to celebrate Christmas with family and friends and the amazing year it has been for us. We are grateful to being serving the Saint Croix Valley area another year. 

Merry Christmas to all! 

Our truck after water damage

Pack-Outs After Damage

We're Here to Help

Our team at SERVPRO of Stillwater, Oakdale, and Mahtomedi was on the job immediately after homeowners called in a water damage emergency. We began our restoration process, even removing damaged items from the property. 

Home suffers water damage

Air Movers Ready

Our Advanced Equipment

This home suffered water damage throughout their property. Our team at SERVPRO of Stillwater, Oakdale, Mahtomedi moved the items that were not damaged and unloaded the air movers as soon as they got to the home. 

moisture meter on wall

Advanced Technology

Our Equipment

Penetrating meters have a series of pins that probe into a surface and give you a visual display of moisture content. They tend to be more accurate than non-penetrating meters. We use these in situations where the drywall or baseboards will have to be removed to get a better understanding of the amount of moisture that we're dealing with behind the walls. 

ceiling cut to expose attic

Water Leak in Attic Leads to Sinking Ceiling

Water damage in this Afton, MN attic left the homeowner panicked on what to do. They called SERVPRO of Stillwater, Oakdale, Mahtomedi and we were able to assist right away. We could immediately tell that there was severe damage to the ceiling, as it was beginning to cave in. We stopped the water leak and immediately mitigated the water from the attic. We then cut the affected ceiling and removed it to allow for proper drying. 

servpro employees in training class

Our Team is Always Ready To Learn

Our team met this morning for a quick training on floor drying. It's vital to completely dry the flooring in a water damage situation to avoid secondary damage. At SERVPRO of Stillwater, Oakdale, and Mahtomedi, we have to equipment and expertise to get your home or business back to preloss condition. 

Burned kitchen

Kitchen Fire In Deer Park, WI

This unfortunate kitchen fire happened in Deer Park, Wisconsin. A grease fire ignited the surrounding area and created soot and smoke that damaged many pieces of content in the home in different room. Our plan is to:

  • Handle all affected personal items by cleaning and deodorizing them.
  • Determine and document all non-salvageable pieces
  • Clean the structure in the affected area.
Mold on a sheet rock wall.

Mold mitigation in St Paul, MN

This was the result of a landscaping error in St Paul, MN. There was build up on the sheet rock of the outer wall. A "flood-cut" was made and the door panel and trim were removed. An Air Scrubber was then run to clear up any musty smell. The room is ready for reconstruction.

Frozen water against siding of a house

Water Loss in Afton, MN

This unfortunate incident was caused by a malfunctioning furnace, causing the house to go cold. During that time, there were several points of pipes rupturing all over the three-level home. All 3 levels of the house were affected and all the water collected in the basement to the depth of 18 inches. Fortunately, no one was injured.

If you have questions about this or any of our other services, please call SERVPRO of the Stillwater, Oakdale, & Mahtomedi at 651-705-7028. Our certified trained professionals stand ready to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Repainting a Kitchen

Puff Back

This renovation was the result of what is known as a “Puff Back.” A puff back occurs when your oil or gas burner backfires and shoots smoke and soot into your home or business. Puff backs can cause anything from minor inconvenience to severe damage to your property and heating system. They are easily avoidable with regular maintenance. After cleaning we needed to repaint many surfaces, this is just part of the process.

If you have questions about this or any of our other services, please call SERVPRO of the Stillwater, Oakdale, & Mahtomedi at 651-705-7028. Our certified trained professionals stand ready to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Soot covered couch.

Smoke and Soot Damage in Hammond, WI

This was the result of a smoldering piece of equipment in a commercial building in Hammond, WI. When we arrived, we found that it had covered the entire work floor space. There was significant build up because the piece of equipment that was smoldering, did so for hours. We used our resources and team up with another SERVPRO to wipe, clean, and ready the equipment with in a short amount of time. We make disasters “Like it never even happened.”

Cleaned area of a soot damaged wall.

Soot Damaged Wall

This incident of soot damage was caused by a fire in Siren, WI. The left side of the picture is after the wall had been sprayed down, scrubbed, and wiped clean. Unfortunately, when it comes to fire, soot can contaminate a much larger area than the fire consumed so special precautions have to be taken for soot and odor control.

a burned out room.

Electrical Fire in Oakdale, MN

This unfortunate electrical fire was of a 1940’s style home. It occurred in a junction box in one room. The second floor needed to be demoed, packed out, sealed and deodorized. While the first floor needed a complete wall to wall, floor to ceiling clean. Fortunately, there was no loss of life. The client is thankful to the swift response of the Fire Department.

A bedroom with air movers set up

Laundry Room Leak

This loss was the cause of a washing machine supply line water leak through a hard wood floor from the level above in Hudson, WI. There was significant damage to the ceiling and walls on the floor below to warrant the removal of the ceiling to the studs. This was a returning customer and they were pleased with the work. With the removal of the flooring upstairs with the removal of the ceiling and portions of the wall mixed with the drying process we were quickly able to get this project ready for reconstruction. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damaged Bathroom

Fire Damaged Bathroom

This was an unfortunate even of an unattended candle, but thanks to the quick-thinking efforts of the St Croix Sheriffs Department and a Stat X (Fire Suppression) Grenade, water damage occurring from attempts to put the fire out and smoke and soot damage around the rest of the home was kept to a minimum. The after picture is shown ready for reconstruction with all amenities removed.

If you have questions about this or any of our other services, please call SERVPRO of Stillwater, Oakdale, Mahtomedi at 715-381-2266. Our certified trained professionals stand ready to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Wet concrete floor

Wet Floor From Fire After Lightning Strike

When the unexpected hits our techs are on the scene.  No one expects lightning to hit their home during a storm, or to ignite the gas line in their home.  Luckily no one was hurt during the fire, and the firefighters were able to minimize the fire damage.  However, the water that was used to put out the fire ran through the house and into the basement.  Our techs were able to clean up the smoke damaged belongings and dry out the water damage. 

Flood cut walls.

Flood Cuts

With the sudden warm up and heavy rains this springs the snow pack had nowhere to go besides the basements of many area homeowners.  Wide spread flooding kept our techs busy.  Here’s an image of a water line cut.  Stopping the spread of the water damage to the framing and drywall.  Helping to save our clients in repair costs. 

Water stained ceiling.

Water Coming Through Ceiling

With the snow and ice comes the threat of ice dam build ups.  When gutters become full of ice the water has nowhere else to go.  The water then backs up, and then makes its way into the house.  Coming through the walls and the ceiling.  Which can cause extensive damage. 

Drying out utility room

Drying Exterior Walls

Heavy rains over an extended number of days saturates the ground.  Once the water has nowhere else to flow your basement is the next best option.  For areas that are unfinished, our techs can dry the area, and perform a hard service cleaning using steam.  For areas that are finished our techs try to salvage as much of the material as possible to help mitigate the cost of repairs. 

Flooded basement

Failed Sump Pump, After Rain Storm

When most people see it raining outside, the furthest thing from a homeowners thoughts is there basement turning into an indoor swimming pool.  Worst case scenario, your basement has some seepage on a wet year.  Unfortunately this home owner wasn't so lucky.  Their sump pump failed during a large rain event, causing their basement to flood.  We were contacted to remove the water and mitigate the situation. 

Water damaged garage ceiling.

Winter Snow Has to Go Somewhere When It Melts

What happens when winter storms drop over 30 inches of snow in one month, and the snow isn't removed from the roof?  You get the perfect combination needed to cause ice dams.  Melted snow finds a way to move if ice is in the way.  In this homeowner’s situation, the water flowed into the ceiling of their garage.  Due to this, we had to remove damaged dry wall, and start drying out the garage cavity. 

Stripped down bathroom

General Turn Clean

This general turn clean was done at the request of a commercial client after a tenant moved out. It affected the entire dwelling, the entire unit need to be addressed. Fixtures and sections of wall needed to be removed because of wear/neglect. The client was pleased with the work which was performed. 

Equipment set up in a room

Water/Mold Mitigation

This mold remediation was the result of an extended water loss. It affected the entire dwelling; many areas needed sectioned off so that the process could continue with out re-contamination. Many of the owner’s possessions needed to be moved/removed for the process of drying as well flood cutting to help with reconstruction.

Several stacked vaults

Off Site Vaults

Why SERVPRO of Central Washington County?  We have onsite storage for personal contents while your home is being mitigated and repaired.  Our techs hand sort and label the contents during a pack out, which helps to keep contents safe.  On site storage allow for our techs to easily hand clean the items as well, without having to load and haul from offsite locations.  Making sure to keep those important items safe.

A wall with certifications hanging from it.


Why SERVPRO of Central Washington County?  We believe in giving a high standard of service to the clients that we service.  And that starts with the education of our techs in the shop.  Our staff holds certifications ranging from upholstery care, smoke and fire restoration, water mitigation, to everything in between.

plastic containment wall

Contamination Control

Why SERVPRO of Central Washington County?  Our techs take great care to make sure that dust, debris and other contaminates do not spread throughout the unaffected sections of the homes and businesses they are called in to service.  A protective barrier is put up to seal the area and protect our clients’ personal belongings. 

Floor Covered with Protection

Floor Protection

Why SERVPRO of Stillwater, Oakdale, Mahtomedi?  We take pride in making sure that we do not add to the damage our clients have sustained.  While working in a client’s home, our techs put down protective covers on the floors to limit the tracking of debris to the unaffected areas of the site before work even starts.

Drying Subfloor

Commercial Water Clean

Rush City:  Our techs were called in to remove water damaged flooring, sub floor and dry wall.  Installing dehumidifiers and dryers to dry out remaining materials.  By applying our 1-4-8 standard, our techs were quickly able to respond and mitigate the situation.  Allowing the construction crews to come in and make the necessary repairs.  Because of the response time, the residents were able to take up residency sooner. 

Drying Carpeting

Office Drying

Hudson:  This lower level office, located in an office building had a flooding issue during this year’s wet spring and summer seasons.  While we were not required to pull the carpeting, or cut out any of the drywall, we still had to stage numerous dehumidifiers and air moves to dry the affected area.  As well as daily monitoring by our techs.

Polished Floor


We also offer commercial cleaning services to clients as well.  From general carpet and duct cleaning, to the use of steam to clean a variety of hard surface areas.  Pictured is a recently completed floor where the tech took the floor down to the tile and then applied new wax.  

Mold Infestation in a Wall.

Mold Filled Wall

This interior photo of an office is the result of water leaking in through an exterior brick wall. Once discovered a specialist was called in to deal with the exterior wall so that mitigation issues could be completed.

Soot Staing Shop

Commercial Shop Fire

The last thing any business owner wants to be told is that their business has to close due to a disaster.  We were called into help mitigate a shop fire, and help get a local business back to business as usual.  The contents had to be inventoried and clean, with the structure having areas that needed demolition and cleaning for reconstruction.

Flood Cut Wall

Sink Damage To Wall

Water damage can come from just about anywhere.  We recently helped a commercial client that had a sink malfunction and damaged the drywall and flooring on site. 

Our techs came in and removed the damaged dry wall and flooring.  Before doing so they put up a protective wall to limit debris from going throughout the building.

Drying Ceiling Beams

Drying Containment

With the wet year, we have seen our share of water damage related work.  Our techs are Water Certified and are experienced with mitigating water in created ways.  Once the wet carpet and trim were removed, the techs had to focus their energy on drying out the ceiling that was affected.

Boarded up windows.

Site security

Sometimes before remediation can begin, the site needs to be secured first.  This was the case with a recent house fire that had a few windows and doors broken out, during the fire fight.  Closing these openings allows our techs to protect the contents from theft, and further damage from the elements, as a plan is developed to begin the work of clean up.

Opened ceiling cavity

Fire in the ceiling

So fires don’t always extend through the whole home.  In this case a lighting strike caused an internal gas line to ignite.  The fire department responded quickly and the fire was contained.  However the contents still had smoke damage. Our techs packed out the contents, and cleaned and deodorized them while they were stored in our secured storage area on site.  

torn up wall

Bathroom Exhaust Fire

Cottage Grove:  Something as simple as a bathroom exhaust fan can start a fire, as was the case in this picture.  Our techs were called out to clean up after a small bath room fire.  Removing insulation, framing and dry wall.  As well as cleaning up after the smoke damage that was left behind. 

Burned carpet and bedside stand

Fire Damaged Bedroom

This fire was the result of a candle that was left unattended. While it affected only a limited area (one room), the soot and smoke damage was extensive and need to be addressed. We did the pack out for the client, so we carried out all the furniture and debris. The client was pleased with the work which was performed. 

Carpet with cleaning patterns in it

Carpet Cleaning

This commercial clients "turn clean" primarily focused on a carpet cleaning and a general wipe down. While this is a service that we offer our commercial clients, this is an excellent way to clean after tenants move out. We have a great working relationship with this client and they are always pleased with our work.

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire

This fire loss was the result of a ignited charging unit for personal electronics. It was a small area and contained quickly.The unfortunate side was that their were OTHER devices plugged into the unit which also were damaged as a result. As with most fires, damage to items that are in direct contact with open flame is inevitable but soot and odor damage is also a byproduct, it can spread a lot farther than the burn itself, so cleaning is a must even for the smallest of incidence.

Fire damaged shed

Fire to a garage.

This fire loss was the result of a poll barn/shop garage. The ignition point was on a portion of a sidewall and portions of the wall were removed. As with most fires, damage to items that are in direct contact with flame is inevitable but soot damage is also a byproduct and it can spread a lot farther than the burn itself, so cleaning is needed.

Drying Equipment set up in small area

Water Loss in a Bathroom

This water loss was the result of a fresh water line in a toilet breaking and getting into the wall and affecting the storage room next to it. This is an example of why professionals are needed because the affected area can be much larger than the owner initially observes and inspection of the walls and connecting rooms needs to be done. Many of the owner’s possessions needed to be moved/removed for the process of drying.

Floor drying of a  basement floor.

Floor drying basement floor

This water loss was the result of an unattended utility sink that overflowed down to a finished basement. It affected several rooms including the laundry room, bedroom and bathrooms. Many of the owner’s possessions needed to be moved/removed for the process of drying.

Floor mats drying a kitchen floor

Broken Dishwasher Line

This water loss was the result of an dishwasher line that overflowed down to a finished basement. It affected two  rooms including a basement room below.The owner took immediate action and called us and after answering a few questions we took immediate actions and with the floor drying mats managed to save the hard wood floors.


Drying An Exterior Wall

Our goal is to salvage what can be salvaged, saving our customers in construction costs.  Our techs are Water Certified and take pride in only removing what cannot be saved.  Our techs cut to the waterline to remove the non-salvageable materials, and mitigating damage from further spreading throughout the area of focus.