Commercial Photo Gallery

Drying Subfloor

Commercial Water Clean

Rush City:  Our techs were called in to remove water damaged flooring, sub floor and dry wall.  Installing dehumidifiers and dryers to dry out remaining materials.  By applying our 1-4-8 standard, our techs were quickly able to respond and mitigate the situation.  Allowing the construction crews to come in and make the necessary repairs.  Because of the response time, the residents were able to take up residency sooner. 

Drying Carpeting

Office Drying

Hudson:  This lower level office, located in an office building had a flooding issue during this year’s wet spring and summer seasons.  While we were not required to pull the carpeting, or cut out any of the drywall, we still had to stage numerous dehumidifiers and air moves to dry the affected area.  As well as daily monitoring by our techs.

Polished Floor


We also offer commercial cleaning services to clients as well.  From general carpet and duct cleaning, to the use of steam to clean a variety of hard surface areas.  Pictured is a recently completed floor where the tech took the floor down to the tile and then applied new wax.  

Mold Infestation in a Wall.

Mold Filled Wall

This interior photo of an office is the result of water leaking in through an exterior brick wall. Once discovered a specialist was called in to deal with the exterior wall so that mitigation issues could be completed.

Soot Staing Shop

Commercial Shop Fire

The last thing any business owner wants to be told is that their business has to close due to a disaster.  We were called into help mitigate a shop fire, and help get a local business back to business as usual.  The contents had to be inventoried and clean, with the structure having areas that needed demolition and cleaning for reconstruction.

Carpet with cleaning patterns in it

Carpet Cleaning

This commercial clients "turn clean" primarily focused on a carpet cleaning and a general wipe down. While this is a service that we offer our commercial clients, this is an excellent way to clean after tenants move out. We have a great working relationship with this client and they are always pleased with our work.