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moisture meter on wall

Advanced Technology

Our Equipment

Penetrating meters have a series of pins that probe into a surface and give you a visual display of moisture content. They tend to be more accurate than non-penetrating meters. We use these in situations where the drywall or baseboards will have to be removed to get a better understanding of the amount of moisture that we're dealing with behind the walls. 

servpro employees in training class

Our Team is Always Ready To Learn

Our team met this morning for a quick training on floor drying. It's vital to completely dry the flooring in a water damage situation to avoid secondary damage. At SERVPRO of Stillwater, Oakdale, and Mahtomedi, we have to equipment and expertise to get your home or business back to preloss condition. 

Stripped down bathroom

General Turn Clean

This general turn clean was done at the request of a commercial client after a tenant moved out. It affected the entire dwelling, the entire unit need to be addressed. Fixtures and sections of wall needed to be removed because of wear/neglect. The client was pleased with the work which was performed. 

Equipment set up in a room

Water/Mold Mitigation

This mold remediation was the result of an extended water loss. It affected the entire dwelling; many areas needed sectioned off so that the process could continue with out re-contamination. Many of the owner’s possessions needed to be moved/removed for the process of drying as well flood cutting to help with reconstruction.

Several stacked vaults

Off Site Vaults

Why SERVPRO of Central Washington County?  We have onsite storage for personal contents while your home is being mitigated and repaired.  Our techs hand sort and label the contents during a pack out, which helps to keep contents safe.  On site storage allow for our techs to easily hand clean the items as well, without having to load and haul from offsite locations.  Making sure to keep those important items safe.

A wall with certifications hanging from it.


Why SERVPRO of Central Washington County?  We believe in giving a high standard of service to the clients that we service.  And that starts with the education of our techs in the shop.  Our staff holds certifications ranging from upholstery care, smoke and fire restoration, water mitigation, to everything in between.

plastic containment wall

Contamination Control

Why SERVPRO of Central Washington County?  Our techs take great care to make sure that dust, debris and other contaminates do not spread throughout the unaffected sections of the homes and businesses they are called in to service.  A protective barrier is put up to seal the area and protect our clients’ personal belongings. 

Floor Covered with Protection

Floor Protection

Why SERVPRO of Stillwater, Oakdale, Mahtomedi?  We take pride in making sure that we do not add to the damage our clients have sustained.  While working in a client’s home, our techs put down protective covers on the floors to limit the tracking of debris to the unaffected areas of the site before work even starts.