Water Damage Photo Gallery

Home suffers water damage

Air Movers Ready

Our Advanced Equipment

This home suffered water damage throughout their property. Our team at SERVPRO of Stillwater, Oakdale, Mahtomedi moved the items that were not damaged and unloaded the air movers as soon as they got to the home. 

ceiling cut to expose attic

Water Leak in Attic Leads to Sinking Ceiling

Water damage in this Afton, MN attic left the homeowner panicked on what to do. They called SERVPRO of Stillwater, Oakdale, Mahtomedi and we were able to assist right away. We could immediately tell that there was severe damage to the ceiling, as it was beginning to cave in. We stopped the water leak and immediately mitigated the water from the attic. We then cut the affected ceiling and removed it to allow for proper drying. 

Frozen water against siding of a house

Water Loss in Afton, MN

This unfortunate incident was caused by a malfunctioning furnace, causing the house to go cold. During that time, there were several points of pipes rupturing all over the three-level home. All 3 levels of the house were affected and all the water collected in the basement to the depth of 18 inches. Fortunately, no one was injured.

If you have questions about this or any of our other services, please call SERVPRO of the Stillwater, Oakdale, & Mahtomedi at 651-705-7028. Our certified trained professionals stand ready to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

A bedroom with air movers set up

Laundry Room Leak

This loss was the cause of a washing machine supply line water leak through a hard wood floor from the level above in Hudson, WI. There was significant damage to the ceiling and walls on the floor below to warrant the removal of the ceiling to the studs. This was a returning customer and they were pleased with the work. With the removal of the flooring upstairs with the removal of the ceiling and portions of the wall mixed with the drying process we were quickly able to get this project ready for reconstruction. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Flood Cut Wall

Sink Damage To Wall

Water damage can come from just about anywhere.  We recently helped a commercial client that had a sink malfunction and damaged the drywall and flooring on site. 

Our techs came in and removed the damaged dry wall and flooring.  Before doing so they put up a protective wall to limit debris from going throughout the building.

Drying Ceiling Beams

Drying Containment

With the wet year, we have seen our share of water damage related work.  Our techs are Water Certified and are experienced with mitigating water in created ways.  Once the wet carpet and trim were removed, the techs had to focus their energy on drying out the ceiling that was affected.

Drying Equipment set up in small area

Water Loss in a Bathroom

This water loss was the result of a fresh water line in a toilet breaking and getting into the wall and affecting the storage room next to it. This is an example of why professionals are needed because the affected area can be much larger than the owner initially observes and inspection of the walls and connecting rooms needs to be done. Many of the owner’s possessions needed to be moved/removed for the process of drying.

Floor drying of a  basement floor.

Floor drying basement floor

This water loss was the result of an unattended utility sink that overflowed down to a finished basement. It affected several rooms including the laundry room, bedroom and bathrooms. Many of the owner’s possessions needed to be moved/removed for the process of drying.

Floor mats drying a kitchen floor

Broken Dishwasher Line

This water loss was the result of an dishwasher line that overflowed down to a finished basement. It affected two  rooms including a basement room below.The owner took immediate action and called us and after answering a few questions we took immediate actions and with the floor drying mats managed to save the hard wood floors.


Drying An Exterior Wall

Our goal is to salvage what can be salvaged, saving our customers in construction costs.  Our techs are Water Certified and take pride in only removing what cannot be saved.  Our techs cut to the waterline to remove the non-salvageable materials, and mitigating damage from further spreading throughout the area of focus.