Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Wet concrete floor

Wet Floor From Fire After Lightning Strike

When the unexpected hits our techs are on the scene.  No one expects lightning to hit their home during a storm, or to ignite the gas line in their home.  Luckily no one was hurt during the fire, and the firefighters were able to minimize the fire damage.  However, the water that was used to put out the fire ran through the house and into the basement.  Our techs were able to clean up the smoke damaged belongings and dry out the water damage. 

Flood cut walls.

Flood Cuts

With the sudden warm up and heavy rains this springs the snow pack had nowhere to go besides the basements of many area homeowners.  Wide spread flooding kept our techs busy.  Here’s an image of a water line cut.  Stopping the spread of the water damage to the framing and drywall.  Helping to save our clients in repair costs. 

Water stained ceiling.

Water Coming Through Ceiling

With the snow and ice comes the threat of ice dam build ups.  When gutters become full of ice the water has nowhere else to go.  The water then backs up, and then makes its way into the house.  Coming through the walls and the ceiling.  Which can cause extensive damage. 

Drying out utility room

Drying Exterior Walls

Heavy rains over an extended number of days saturates the ground.  Once the water has nowhere else to flow your basement is the next best option.  For areas that are unfinished, our techs can dry the area, and perform a hard service cleaning using steam.  For areas that are finished our techs try to salvage as much of the material as possible to help mitigate the cost of repairs. 

Flooded basement

Failed Sump Pump, After Rain Storm

When most people see it raining outside, the furthest thing from a homeowners thoughts is there basement turning into an indoor swimming pool.  Worst case scenario, your basement has some seepage on a wet year.  Unfortunately this home owner wasn't so lucky.  Their sump pump failed during a large rain event, causing their basement to flood.  We were contacted to remove the water and mitigate the situation. 

Water damaged garage ceiling.

Winter Snow Has to Go Somewhere When It Melts

What happens when winter storms drop over 30 inches of snow in one month, and the snow isn't removed from the roof?  You get the perfect combination needed to cause ice dams.  Melted snow finds a way to move if ice is in the way.  In this homeowner’s situation, the water flowed into the ceiling of their garage.  Due to this, we had to remove damaged dry wall, and start drying out the garage cavity.