Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Tree Damage

This roof damage was caused be a tree crashing through a roof during a storm. The tree caused damage to several parts of the roof as well as water damage to th... READ MORE

Damage From A Tree

This storm damage home/cabin in Western Wisconsin was the result of heavy winds from a storm that passed through the region. The tree came through the roof mome... READ MORE

Water Leakage

The wall damage here was caused by an ice dam which caused leaking into the house. Notice the extent of the water damage. The after picture was taken after the ... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Roof

This flooded complex in River Falls, WI was the result of a storm damage to a pea rock roof. The extent was into several rooms; the water was about carpet depth... READ MORE

An Indoor Pool No One Ever Wants

When most people see it raining outside, the furthest thing from a homeowners thoughts is there basement turning into an indoor swimming pool. Worst case scena... READ MORE

Water Damage from Heavy Snows Causing Ice Dams

What happens when winter storms drop over 30 inches of snow in one month, and the snow isn't removed from the roof? You get the perfect combination needed to c... READ MORE